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Curriculum Intent and Rationale

The purpose of the psychology curriculum is to equip all students with the ability to think critically about the theories and research which investigates the causes of human behaviour. Alongside this, lessons will strive to give students the skills to understand their own psychology, and that of others, with the aim to develop a greater degree of mental well-being and empathy in all students who study the course. 

Throughout the two-year course students will be encouraged to think actively about research design and associated problems with researching human beings in a scientific way. There will be opportunities for students to reproduce classic psychology studies, and to consider designing their own research. 


Psychology is now widely accepted as a science, as such you will be studying an A Level which subscribes to the principles of science- hypothesis testing, theory generation and the importance of objectivity in research. You will develop skills in how to gather and analyse data, which will be particularly valuable at university where you will be expected to conduct your own research projects.  Many psychology students are aspirant medics, but also lawyers, accountants, teachers, criminologists and budding psychologists. 

Implementing our curriculum

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