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Curriculum Intent and Rationale

Our intent for the curriculum is to promote the vitally important role that Geography plays in enabling students to understand the ever-changing world around them. Geography has taken on an even more important role given the challenges that their and future generations face from major processes, including climate change, globalisation and other wider changes to society and the economy.

The Key Stage 3 Geography curriculum has been designed as a springboard, not just towards further study at GCSE and A level, but also to aid our students in their journey to becoming well-rounded adults, who are informed and empathetic global and local citizens. Knowledge, application and skills are at the core of our curriculum. We will support the students to develop core skills required for good scholarship, transferable and cross-curricular skills and skills in the use of information technology and data/resource analysis and interpretation through the curriculum content and how it is delivered.

By covering a wide range of topics in a sensitive manner, we intend that the curriculum reflects important changes in society and reflects the needs of our diverse school community. By tackling difficult issues, students will also have the opportunity to discuss and debate social, moral, cultural and spiritual questions.

Our aspiration is to deliver a curriculum which fosters genuine curiosity about the world in our students about the world around them and to give them the skills and confidence to develop into self-reliant and independent learners. We will set high standards and aspirational targets whilst ensuring that the needs of all learners are supported inside and outside of the classroom. 

Studying Geography has many applications and is becoming increasingly important in the realms of engineering, epidemiology and all spheres relating to climate change. In terms of university, studying geography supports applications across the Arts and Sciences. Geographers are fantastically employable and many opportunities exist including in the media, journalism, management, law and finance.

Implementing our curriculum

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

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