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Curriculum Intent and Rationale

The Mathematics department aims to develop students into enthusiastic mathematicians. A mathematician thinks logically, is a creative problem solver, enjoys challenges and is not afraid to try different methods, and can communicate their thinking clearly on paper and/or verbally. For example, we place a big emphasis on extended pieces of work and projects. Each year group is assigned 3 projects through the year which get them to think about what they are learning in lessons in a new way. They then write about and/or present their findings in an engaging manner. 

• We aim to offer students interesting challenges that enhance their view of the world and their place in it. Through well chosen tasks, we want our students to be able to make choices that are backed up with sound reasoning. For example, in a task involving handling data, our students should not only be able to draw a particular statistical diagram, but should also be able to say WHY it is the best diagram for that data. 

• We want our students to leave school with good results, and a strong grasp of basic numeracy. To this end, all students are entered for GCSE Higher Tier Maths and all students are taught the entire spectrum of the content for the exam (as well as extra enrichment topics). We do not simply teach for the test, but do strive to prepare our students fully so that they are in a strong position to perform well in assessments.

Implementing our curriculum

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

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