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Statutory Information

School Contact Details


Ofsted Reports

Exam & Assessment Results

(Progress 8 Score and Attainment 8 Score, Progress in English & Maths, Progress made compared with students across England, 16-19 average grade, Destinations following 16-19 study)

16-19 (Key Stage 5) Results

Performance Tables


Remote Education

Behaviour Policy

Pupil Premium Strategy

Equality Objectives

SEND & Disabilities

KEFW Relationships & Sex Education

Careers Programme and Information

Complaints Procedure

Whistleblowing Policy

School Final Accounts

Financial Information

Information Regarding Executive Pay

Charging and Remissions Policies

For circumstances where our school would make an exception on a payment that would normally be expected, these will be considered by the Headmistress on an individual basis

For current memorandum of association, articles of association, annual reports & accounts,  register of interests of accounting officer, and attendance record at meetings, DfE funding agreement please click:

Governors' Information, Duties and Structure & Responsibilities of Committees

Values and Ethos




School Opening Hours


Request for Paper Copies

*As a school, we do not qualify for Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

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