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Five Ways School Library is an open access learning hub for the whole school community. All pupils and staff can access the various resources to support their teaching and learning or just open up a new avenue of interest beyond the curriculum.



The Library is a light, airy space at the heart of the main school building. There are 48 study spaces, divided into group and individual seating. There are also 13 computers linked to the printer/copier and a set of 30 IPADS for individual or class use.



The library has in excess of 15,000 printed books, seeking to reflect the curriculum at every level, as well as offer a broad range of wider reading. Some 4,000 of these are fiction, ranging from the acknowledge classics of the literature canon, through to new, modern writing for every age.

A number of curriculum based journals are available as well as DVDs and a range of reference resources.

In addition the school provides access to the JSTOR journal archive and a dedicated E-Library which any member of the school community can use.



The Library holds occasional Book Fairs, provides supporting materials for the Panda Cub and DEER reading initiatives and offers work experience opportunities to DofE pupils and prefects in the Sixth Form.


Contact details/Opening hours


The Library is open every day from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm, including before and after school and during break and lunchtimes. Students are able to use the library at these times, when it is supervised.

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