Five Ways Uniform and Appearance


Through the school uniform code we aim to encourage pride in our school, to support teaching and learning and a positive work ethic. We also aim to enable students to be comfortable, safe and secure, to ensure that pupils of different social, religious and ethnic groups feel welcome as well as to encourage a sense of equality and cohesion.

Whenever a pupil is in school uniform they are representing their school. All members of the community are expected to uphold the values of the school and share its high aspirations. High standards of personal appearance are both expected and monitored and the vast majority of our pupils wear their uniform with pride and are immensely smart. 

Pupils are expected to wear full school uniform on the way to school, at school, and on the way home from school. Headgear is not appropriate, except in exceptional weather.

Pupils will usually be required to wear uniform at school functions, to school sports fixtures, and on school visits, unless exemption has been granted. Pupils are expected to keep their uniform smart and clean at all times.​

Extremes of fashion in clothing or hairstyle will not be allowed.

  • All pupils are expected to present themselves smartly and conform to the school’s requirements in relation to school uniform.

  • Top buttons should be done up; ties should be an appropriate length; skirts must be knee length.

  • Make-up, nail varnish, jewellery and body piercing are not appropriate, although a single pair of ear studs is permitted (one in each ear lobe).

  • Hair must be clean and tidy – shaven heads (a number 2 cut is the shortest allowed), motifs cut into hairstyles, radical styles and colours are not allowed. Long hair should be tied back. Hair accessories should be black.

  • Blazers must be worn when moving around school.

  • Shoes should be plain black leather or imitation leather with no contrast stitching. Shoes with high or platform heels or soles are not appropriate. Ankle boots, trainers and sandals are not acceptable.

  • Socks: boys socks should be plain grey, white or black; during the summer term, girls ankle socks should be white, from September to April black tights of denier 40 upwards can be worn for girls who wear skirts.

  • Outdoor coats should be plain, preferably black, dark grey or dark blue, without decoration or logo. Hoodies should not be worn. Students should not be wearing or carrying coats around school. Please make use of the coat hooks and/or lockers which are provided for storage.


In light of the statutory guidance on the cost of school uniforms, the Governors will review our school uniform policy.  We will update the website shortly.