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Enrichment Opportunities


Activities outside the curriculum are an important part of any student’s development and form a major part of our school’s ethos. We are proud of the opportunities that we present to all students who attend Five Ways, but these opportunities are far more extensive in the Sixth Form.

The Enrichment Programme


This is a compulsory element of Sixth Form life at Five Ways and allows students to gain experiences, try new things and get accreditation for activities and events not normally covered through your GCE academic studies.


From writing a play to variety dance, the programme is a vital part of the complete education offered to Five Ways students. The university entrance and business markets are becoming ever more competitive, where people are expected to show skills and experiences above and beyond those gained during study for GCE Advanced Level qualifications.


The programme is in curriculum time that has been allocated to allow access to different learning experiences in order to acquire skills not normally associated with academic qualifications. This includes a lecture programme arranged by staff and students, often delivered by visiting speakers. Also included in the programme is elite sport, leadership and outreach, DofE gold award and leading our annual OAP Christmas party.

"We are proud of the opportunities that we present to all students who attend Five Ways"
School Trips


There are numerous opportunities to travel with the school. Field trips to Iceland, France, Belgium and Wales are part of the curriculum. Our links with schools on different continents have been consolidated by exchange visits. Students have visited Babati in Tanzania and Japan. We continue to develop our links with schools in South Africa and Chicago. In addition, we offer World Challenge and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to those who wish to involve themselves. As well as climbing and walking weekends. We are also fortunate that our staff continue to organise expeditions to places such as Borneo, Morocco and Peru.

Prefecting and Mentoring


As an 11-18 school, being a Sixth Former here is also about being part of the whole school experience too. Sixth Formers play an active part in House competitions, often leading by example and supporting main school students. Our peer mentoring scheme, and our prefect system provides a direct link between pupils in main school and the Sixth Form students. The relationships developed via all these activities help to ensure that Five Ways is a healthy, caring community where the student voice is heard.


The Sixth Form Wellbeing Programme:

Breathe Easy And Relax

The core purpose of the B.E.A.R programme is to promote, protect and provide opportunity to improve student wellbeing. We hope to enable students to cultivate an open and resilient approach to their own wellbeing, engaging a wider perspective, good humour and mindfulness. Activities are designed to develop mutual respect and support of others, based in a social setting and exploring a range of aspects that contribute to holistic understanding of wellbeing. It is hoped that activities are immersive, share social capital and above all else garner a sense of fun.


EPQ refers to extended project qualification, which is a Level 3 award studied at Five Ways alongside A Level courses and is credited by Universities as part of the UCAS. The qualification develops key under graduate skills such as high quality academic independent research, referencing and the synthesis of argument or perspective in readiness for study at Higher Education. Students must devise, manage and bring to fruition a project of their choice which considers a key question or meets a design brief. Projects may be in the style of a dissertation, an artefact, a performance or an investigation. We believe the EPQ nurtures our students thirst for learning, captures their creativity and challenges their academic rigour.

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