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Exam Information

It is the aim of King Edward VI Five Ways School to make the examination experience as stress free and successful as possible for all candidates.


The awarding bodies set down strict criteria which must be followed for the conduct of examinations and King Edward VI Five Ways school is required to follow them precisely. Pupils should, therefore, pay particular attention to the Information for Candidates and any notices on the exams notice board or outside and inside examination rooms.


If students or parents have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the examinations please contact:

Exams Officer: Ms C Griffith (Examinations Office, 1st Floor)
E-mail Address:


Please note that if a timetable is marked as ‘provisional’ then it may change at a later date.


A Levels

‘A’ level results will be emailed out to U6 students via their new school emails (…… at 8.00am on THURSDAY 15th August 2024.



GCSE results will be emailed out to year 11 students via their new school emails (… at 8.00am on THURSDAY 22nd August 2024.

Please contact before results day, if you have not been able to access your new school email.


Paper copies of these results will be available to collect from school, Yorke Hall (Chowen) between 9am – 10am, on the respective results day. These will be useful as they contain more detailed information of marks awarded for various papers. If you are unable to collect your results in person and would like a friend or family member to do so, then you must give permission in writing for this to occur. Please inform Miss Griffith, before results day to confirm permission has been given by you. Please be advised that no results will be communicated by telephone.

Post results Services

If any student requires an Enquiry about results service (EAR) e.g remark of paper(s), access to scripts etc, then please contact Miss Griffith (Examinations Officer). There will be forms available at school, or you can fill in a form online (see school website). Payment is required for these services and all costs are detailed on the form. Payment may be by cash, cheque or electronic transfer. Contact Miss Griffith for further details. She will be available in school on results day to discuss any requests.

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