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Physical Education

Curriculum Intent and Rationale

Creating long life engagement in Physical activity by delivering our 3 P’s vision of –


Confident to participate

Commitment to progress

Opportunities to perform


At Five School sport plays an integral part of school life and personal development for many students. School sport promotes lifelong participation in exercise alongside skills in leadership, teamwork and commitment. We aim for students to achieve personal goals whether they are elite performance or just the enjoyment of participation. With a broad range of both curriculum and extra-curricular activities available to pupils, there are many opportunities for our pupils to get involved in sport (participate), develop talents (progress) and fulfil their potential (performance).



The core curriculum structure is divided into PE lessons and afternoon Games lessons which develops depth in performance groups alongside our breadth in participation groups to create longlife engagement. The PE programme (Key Stage 3 and 4) is progressive so that during the latter years, whilst developing skills in greater depth, it should encourage greater participation in full game situations.  PE examination studies developed into KS4 and 5 enhance a further in depth love of sport, performance levels and career progression into an ever expanding sector.   

Our aim as PE teachers is to inspire and encourage pupils of all abilities to participate in all aspects of PE.  We deliver the Head, Heart, Hands approach to learning where pupils can demonstrate their knowledge and understanding (Head), develop fitness levels and leadership skills (Heart) and finally their ability to execute and perform in competition (Hands). 

The opportunity for taking part in extracurricular activities is made available to all by developing and encouraging physical engagement in a breadth of sporting activities available.  We also proudly fulfil a huge fixture list in a range of sports giving opportunities to compete and create long life memories.

Implementing our curriculum

Key Stage 4

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