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Curriculum Intent and Rationale

Our vision in the English department is to give students a sensitive appreciation of the spoken and written word and equip them with the skills to articulate themselves confidently in a variety of situations, in all walks of life, including both practical and creative skills.


Our aim is to support all students to become fluent writers who can use language with flair; confident and articulate speakers who relish debate; and perceptive and enthusiastic readers of a wide range of texts. We aim to ensure students appreciate the impact of reading for pleasure alongside the need to study set literature and this wider aspect is achieved across the whole school via the DEER programme, alongside multiple opportunities within the Super Curriculum. 


Through such a diverse range of texts, we want students to not only analyse and evaluate the writing of others at a technical linguistic level but also to develop a sensitive awareness of others' perspectives, experiences and voices.

Implementing our curriculum

Key Stage 4

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