KEFW Leadership

KEFW Community


KEFWC is student led and offers charitable services to local communities, and it trades as a social enterprise (a legally registered, active company) offering services such as activity weeks during school holidays, specialist sports camps,  Saturday morning masterclasses and boot camps. 


KEFW Community and Leadership is a dynamic and integral part of the school. Our students are at the heart of what we do: they lead and project manage all of our activities. The essence of KEFWCL is ‘releasing potential’ – allowing students and the community to be enabled and empowered to do real things to improve lives and life chances.


KEFWCL delivers a range of services, events and courses which are designed to widen opportunities, develop potential and enable young people to explore and discover new aspects of themselves and their experiences, whether academic, personally or in service to the community.

It is an exciting programme, one which is popular with students, parents and school in general, and has the firm commitment of the school to foster and develop.

KEFW Leadership


KEFWL is the internal face of KEFWCL. KEFWL is student led, and focuses on the coaching, motivating and training of younger students by 6th Formers. This cascading of the qualities, experiences, attitudes and skills which employers most value is part of the building up of capacity for KEFWCL. The weekly training and coaching sessions are delivered and planned by Sixth Formers, and are a combination of fun practical sessions with challenging aspects of project management, business growth and business leadership. KEFWL is supported by businesses from outside of school who oversee and deliver some of the training programme.


There are five KEFW year groups participating in KEFWCL totalling over 200 students. Our Year 13 lead the activities and be responsible for the management and leadership of it. In outline, the idea of KEFWL will be too inspire, coach and motivate students to take on responsibilities and make a difference to their school and the local communities. The year groups have themes:


Leadership Year Groups

Year 13: Doing the Job: management and leadership of KEFWCL

Year 12: Leaders in Waiting: specific coaching to prepare them for Year 13

Year 11:Making a difference: using the qualities, experiences, attitudes and skills of leadership and management

Year 10:Learning the craft of leadership and management: Leadership and management in action