King Edward VI Five Ways School,

is an extraordinary School with exceptional people.


It is a real honour to lead such a prestigious school; an opportunity which makes me very proud. Teaching is my first career and I am still learning, which is what I love about my work. I have always had a passion for improving opportunities for young people, and by leading Five Ways, I have the privilege of impacting positively on the lives of so many.  Working with esteemed colleagues and able young people, enables me to influence decision making and contribute greatly to their personal growth.  


I delight in investing in others and helping them realise their potential, whether that be students or staff. Everyone can grow if they are visible and their voices are heard.  This mantra lies at the core of what I believe and value as Headmistress.  I have learned first-hand the gift that a teacher can bestow on a young and impressionable mind.  It is my imperative to work with colleagues, parents, students, governors and the wider education community to ensure we impart the necessary education, skills and virtues so that they thrive.  Therefore our mission is simple and is aligned with that of our Multi-Academy Trust Sponsors, King Edward VI Foundation which is ‘to make Birmingham the best place to be educated in the UK.’ 


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The strategy to achieve underpinning these aims are centred on three strategic objectives:


  • Learning with us


  • Working for us


  • Partnering with us


At Five Ways our mission mirrors this, we strive to:

Develop exceptional people through growing talent, investment and care.


Commit wholeheartedly to improve social mobility in Birmingham – postcode and poverty should not determine a young person’s education and future opportunities


Collaborate, develop and create enriching and life enhancing opportunities for all

This is encapsulated in our School vision statement:


“Within a friendly, caring and stimulating community Five Ways

will educate able young people from all backgrounds and prepare them for life.”

The greatest asset we have at Five Ways School is our students. I can assure you they are both impressive and formidable, their brilliance is remarkable.  Not only are they hardworking and achieve academic excellence, but they are rounded individuals.  They take part in sports, the arts, clubs, societies and fund-raising activities. All pursuits develop their skills of leadership, creativity and compassion for the world around them.  They are warm, kind and caring individuals and make Five Ways a wonderful place to be.


We foster a community of belonging and encourage our young people to show enterprise and take risks.  We celebrate setbacks and imperfection, because it is in those moments we learn the most. 


We are a larger than average secondary school with 900 students in lower school and 400 in upper school.  We have a clearly defined family ethos, which is modelled by all and promoted by the School Leadership Team.  Underpinning our work is a strong student leadership structure, led by our dedicated School Captains.  They lead the student body effectively and are wonderful ambassadors for the school.


We make the most of every opportunity, to ensure our young people and the wider community have the very best experiences.  Students flourish here and confidently leave as well rounded Edwardians, each generation exceeding the last in terms of academic excellence.  However far greater than that, they leave Five Ways prepared and equipped to lead fulfilling lives showing great fortitude and determination for what lies ahead.   


Their maturity and personal growth across their time at the school is planned for and achieved through the way we recruit high quality staff; design of our curriculum; structure our school day and offer an array of experiences beyond the classroom. 


It is so hard to capture all that we do! We are very proud of our school and we invite you to find out more about it by exploring our website further.  We are in the process of updating our pages, so please do contact the school directly if your navigation to webpages does not provide you with what you are looking for.  As well as exploring our website, we welcome visitors to our school (booking essential), we are eager to share about our school. 


Please meet the two teams below and feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to visit us.


Best wishes


Charlotte Jordan

School Leadership Team

Charlotte Jordan

  • Staff Performance

  • Admission Standards

  • Capital Devolvement & Estates

  • GRC-One

  • Teacher Support and mentoring (FAC) 

  • Finance & Budget

  • Staff Attendance

  • School Policy

  • Staffing & HR

  • Foundation Education & Academy Trust Group

  • GSHA Treasury

  • SE Consortium

  • Balaam Wood Partnership

  • Public Relations

  • Governance

Richard Russell
Assistant Head

  • Achievement  

  • Destinations

  • UCAS & Careers 

  • Student Support & Welfare

  • Student Leadership (AW)

  • Deputy DSL

  • Post 16 Outreach 

  • Finance, Budgets & Governors 

Mark Atherton
Senior Deputy Head

  • Strategic Lead of T&L: Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • Appraisal

  • SDP & SEF

  • Recruitment & Marketing

  • Standards  and Policies compliance

  • Curriculum Design & Review

  • Timetable (JDD)

  • School Support & Partnerships

  • Finance, Budgets & Governors

Craig Walker
Deputy Head

  • Strategic Lead of Co-Curriculum: Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • Character and Culture

  • Scholarship Programme 

  • Staff Wellbeing

  • School Support & Partnerships

  • PP & SEND 

  • Extra-Curriculum (RIL admin)

  • Internationalism (RW)

  • Finance, Budgets & Governors

Mark Overton
Assistant Head

  • School Events: Open Evening,Prize Giving & Parent Events

  • Supervision of Site & Logisitcs

  • Department Reviews (Operational) 

  • SLT link Alumni Development 

  • Staff Induction (FAC)

  • SLT link Cover (MF)

  • Finance, Budgets & Governors

  • Marking and Assessment

Licia Tolley
Assistant Head

  • Safeguarding & LAC

  • Mental Health Lead

  • CEIAG/CEE/Work Experience

  • PSHE (VMM)

  • Wellbeing Award

  • Medical Support 

  • SWISS Project

  • Finance, Budgets & Governors

Kevin Quinn
Assistant Head

  • Pastoral Lead

  • Behaviour & attitudues

  • Rewards System

  • Attendance (TCO)

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 

  • PSR & Alternative provision

  • Finance, Budgets & Governors

Jon Dale
Associate Assistant Head

  • Data & SIMS Manager

  • School Census              

  • GDPR

  • Timetabling (NOVA)

  • Strategic Lead of IT & Computer Services

  • Achievement & Progress  

  • Assessment & Reporting

Richard Lewis 
Associate Assistant Head

  • Digital Media/Comms (AW)

  • Remote Learning

  • Primary Outreach

  • GDPR support

  • EVC

  • School Council

Fi Cotton
Associate Assistant Head

  • Professional Mentor (ECF/ITT)

  • PTi Coordinator

  • Staff Induction 

  • Support teachers

  • CPD/training for new to role/school

Sam Collins

  • Whole School Finance & Budgetary 

  • Head of Associate Staff 

  • PSF Lead 

  • Insurance & Compliance Staffing & HR 

  • Capital Development & Estates 

  • Contract Catering Lead

Student Leadership Team - School Captains

Saffron Sandhu

Student Diversity

Jia Avasthi


Ella Heathfield


Finn Heathfield

Student Council

Rose Bowen


Rio Walker

Public Events and Prefects