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Curriculum Intent and Rationale

Chemistry is the study of the composition and properties of matter. It seeks to investigate and explain why substances will react together via chemical reactions. Chemistry overlaps and supports the study of Biology and Physics and is often referred to as the central science. Chemistry is taught in five specialist laboratories by six specialist teachers and supported by a team of four technicians that work across the whole science department.


Our aim is to develop students' skills in carrying out scientific investigations and answering scientific questions, this is rooted in learning scientific theory and conducting a range of practical activities. Our curriculum is designed to build students' skills and knowledge, gradually moving from Year 7 through to the end of Year 13. To begin, students will learn how to carry out investigations, focusing on planning, writing, graph-work and forming conclusions and evaluations, along with how to work safely in a lab. They will use their chemical knowledge to then develop these skills as they progress through our curriculum, along with deepening their knowledge. We envisage our leaving students to be well-rounded scientists who have deep-rooted scientific skills that they are able to apply to new problems which have relevance in the wider world.

Implementing our curriculum

Key Stage 3

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