All applicants for a place in Year 7 at KE Five Ways need to register for The Grammar Schools in Birmingham entrance test.

To register for the entrance test please visit


  • Our next Open Event will be a virtual experience, available from Thursday October 14th 2021

  • Registration for the 2022 Entrance Test (regarding entrance to our school for September 2023), will be open between May and June 2022.


  • The date for our Entrance Test for entry into Year 7 in September 2023, is Saturday 17th September 2022

Grammar Schools Website:


A home Local Authority Preference form will always need to be completed in the October, for  September entry in the following year.

The LA will consider your application to each of the schools you have named on your home LA preference form. You may be able to list up to six schools.


Local Authorities allocate school places in early March each year (if your LA allows applications online then results may arrive sooner by email than those posted).


Our oversubscription criteria can be found at here 

In-Year Admissions

At any point from January after the pupil starts Year 7, parents/carers may apply for a place at the school. In-year vacancies normally only become available if a current pupil is leaving the school. Any applicant who cannot be offered a place will be added to the school’s waiting list and parents/carers will be informed of their right of appeal. If a vacancy arises, candidates on the waiting list will be invited to take a test and the place will be awarded to the highest scoring candidate above a minimum standard.

Parents/carers will need to reapply at the start of each academic year if they want their child to be included on the waiting list where a place cannot be offered.

The Academy aims to notify parents/carers of the outcome of their in-year application within 10 school days, and we will notify parents/carers in writing within 15 school days.  Please complete the application form provided and submit this along with a copy of your child's passport and proof of your UK address by email to:

In Year Application Form

Sixth Form Admissions

Students in Year 11 at Five Ways will go through a 'Your Sixth Form' experience in November of each year including information regarding application.

Sixth Form Open Evening takes place for students applying to us from other schools in December of each year. Students are invited to express an interest in applying to us from December of each year, for September entry.


Please contact for further information.

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11+ Entrance Examination

Score Criteria

Qualifying Score

Priority Score

(within catchment)







The Schools of King Edward VI  in Birmingham Information

The Grammar Schools of Birmingham Group is made up of the following schools:
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School for Boys
King Edward VI  HGS for Boys
King Edward VI Aston School
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
King Edward VI Five Ways School
King Edward VI Handsworth School and
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls
The Grammar Schools in Birmingham have been educating children for more than a century. The schools offer an outstanding all round education. They are known throughout the country for setting the very highest academic standards and all of the schools consistently achieve top positions in the national league tables.

The schools are not just concerned with academic excellence. Each school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. Pupils have opportunities to participate at all levels in sport, music and drama.

There is a selective test for entry to these schools but there are no fees for pupils to attend the schools. Education is FREE.

Uniform grants, travel grants and free school meals may be available to those eligible.

Pupils may receive assistance with music tuition costs.

Subsidised educational visits may be available in certain circumstances.

Further information can be found on the Foundation website here:



When is the test?
On a Saturday, in the September of Year 6, so parents can see results before they have to choose secondary schools with their home LA. 

What are the tests like?
Children sit two multiple choice tests. Each lasts for approx. 45 minutes and is divided into timed sections. The papers test verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability, and reading comprehension. Sample questions are available at

How do we apply?
All applicants must complete two forms: the Grammar Schools’ in Birmingham entrance test registration form and a preference form from their own LA. The closing date for receipt of the test registration form is in June. Please see the website for full details

What about special needs?
If your child has a disability and/or requires special resources to sit the test, please ensure that the Grammar Schools Admissions Office is notified, in writing ( . You will be asked to complete a form describing your child’s disability and to supply medical evidence. The date for the return of these forms is usually earlier than the normal closing date.

Is entry very competitive?
The Grammar Schools are very popular. In past years there were over 6000 applications for the 1272 places across the Grammar Schools. There will be 180 places available here at Five Ways in each year.

Which school is the most popular?
Five Ways has seen the most applications recently; however we take both girls and boys unlike the other  Grammar Schools, so the level of competition is about the same.

Are fees payable?
The Grammar Schools of King Edward the Sixth are Voluntary Aided schools. There are no fees to attend the Grammar Schools. Education is FREE.

Uniform grants, travel grants and free school meals are available to those eligible.

All pupils receive assistance with music tuition costs.

Subsidised educational visits may be available in certain circumstances.

Too old for the entrance exam?
The normal entry is at Year 7 when 180 pupils are admitted on the basis of a competitive entrance examination. The school does not operate ‘13 plus’ entry.

However, vacancies occasionally arise when a pupil leaves for family or other reasons. This is comparatively rare.

When a vacancy occurs, those on the waiting list are invited into the school for assessment. This takes the form of a series of short tests in English and Mathematics. We then select the most suitable candidate(s). 

Please note that it is very difficult for pupils to enter during Years 10 and 11. This is because of problems in matching option choices and syllabuses. It is only in very rare circumstances that this is successful.

Please contact Mr Fell for advice on in-year admissions at