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Scholarship and the Supercurriculum

Our pupils aspire to adopt the virtues of scholarship: curiosity, love of learning, independence in learning and diligent pursuit of knowledge. The supercurriculum supports our pupils to demonstrate these scholarly virtues by encouraging them to extend their learning beyond the walls of the classroom.


CUB (Curiosity Unlocks Brilliance) is our supercurricular awards programme for Years 7, 8 and 9.


Pupils progress through three levels of the award by completing a variety of supercurricular tasks, all organised under different virtues relating to scholarship. Each time they fulfil a virtue, they receive a sticker of the CUB who represents the virtue. They are…


Whether your child is interested in the arts, the sciences, the humanities, practical subjects, or a bit of everything, there is something for everyone to enjoy and be curious about when they engage with CUB


ARETÉ (reaching your highest human potential) is our supercurricular awards programme for Years 10-13.


As pupils progress through school, the supercurriculum plays an ever more important role in shaping their academic interests as they turn towards applying to further education, and in supporting them to prove themselves as strong candidates. Strong applicants will have engaged with the supercurriculum at school and will be able to demonstrate their love of a subject by the supercurricular activities that they have undertaken. ARETÉ asks our pupils to undertake a range of supercurricular tasks.


All of our pupils have access to a bespoke menu of supercurricular tasks, chosen by all of their subject teachers in order to help them fulfil the virtues of scholarship.


CUB menus are organised by virtue, to encourage curiosity, cross-curricular and connective learning.

ARETÉ menus are organised by subject, to encourage in-depth engagement and enrichment in subject choices at GCSE and A-Level.


New and upcoming supercurricular opportunities are advertised on each student’s CUB or ARETÉ Google Classroom on a frequent basis and range from in-school supercurricular treasure hunts, to essay competitions run by prestigious universities, to masterclasses published by NASA, to art contests run by the King Edward Foundation.


As a parent, you can encourage your child to engage with the supercurriculum by looking through the opportunities advertised on their CUB or ARETÉ Google Classroom. Each effort they make is verified by the Director of Scholarship, or a Scholarship Tutor. You can track their supercurricular progress by looking at their CUB or ARETÉ roadmap which is stapled into their school planner. As the year goes by, more and more stickers should appear.

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