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House system

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The House system originally began in the 1880s and took the names of the four members of staff who ran them. This House system existed until the early 1970s.


In the 1990s the House system was reintroduced and took the names of the first four Heads:


  • Rev. MacCarthy (1883-1916)

  • Mr. Barker (1916-1933)

  • Mr. Dobinson (1933-1946)

  • Mr. Roach (1946-1951)

The Current House System


All Houses are led by a Head of House and all staff, teaching and associate, are attached to one of the Houses. The aim of the House system is to generate interest and involvement of the whole school community across a range of activities, but on a vertical grouping so that various ages may mix more readily. It also offers an opportunity for far more pupils to be involved beyond the key school teams. Support from staff is important and all staff are attached to a House. School captains also carry a specific responsibility for one of the house events.

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