The school is committed to the education and development of its pupils from their entry at 11 until their departure at 18, and sees careers education and guidance as the responsibility of all teachers.


Our guidance programme reflects the high achievement of pupils and their ambitions.

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Aims & Objectives


Within the scope of an effective CEE (Careers, Enterprise and Employability) programme the school seeks to provide the following entitlements for pupils:


  • A CEE programme of lessons within Year 7 -13.

  • Individual and impartial guidance from well informed teachers who are supported by professionally qualified careers advisers.


  • Opportunity to review and record careers guidance.


  • The provision of career plans, in consultation with professional advisers, appropriate to their interests, and potential at points in time, indicating steps to be taken, and updated at key transition points.


  • Opportunities through work experience, to encounter a range of industries and occupations and understand the changes that are taking place in modern technological society.


  • Access to high quality careers information appropriate to pupils of different ages and abilities.


  • The opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to research, analyse and interpret careers information within a planned programme of careers work, integral to the curriculum, which aims to increase motivation, aspiration, and achievement amongst all members of the school.


  • The provision of information to pupils and parents about the options and opportunities available at key transition times, together with the support and advice needed to enable the former to make decisions with confidence. The basis for the above entitlements are the provision of sufficient resources in school ensuring the delivery of a CEE Curriculum within the PSHE curriculum, accessible library areas supported by a well-equipped interviewing base, in-service training for those managers and teachers directly involved with careers, named coordinators responsible for the development of key areas of work.

Policies & Documents

An independent careers advisor has been commissioned to review and rewrite the CEE curriculum and resources for years’ seven to eleven in line with the Gatsby benchmarks.

Useful Resources

There are number of useful websites that may help pupils and their parents/carers when selecting their options: The National Careers Service website provides comprehensive details of career requirements and education pathways. A great starting point for pupils who are not sure of their future direction.  Advice on university application and course requirements. The ‘Careerconnect’ website has details of career requirements and pathways. Advice on careers, further study and apprenticeships