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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Five Ways School encompasses everything we hold dear about our community.  We are the Five Ways family and our vision and ethos permeates through all structures at both staff and student level.  The Student Leadership team are at the heart of what we do across the School.  Furthermore, our young people have a profound impact on the school community and beyond.

From their arrival in Year 7, to their departure in Year 13, student involvement in leadership activities has demonstrable impact on their learning.  Student Leaders harness their talents, develop a range of skills and traits needed for success beyond the classroom.  Student Leaders are also the best role models.  Each and every leadership moment is a chance for them to be a beacon of hope and positivity to all students (and staff).

Our Student Leadership Programme aims to:

  • increase opportunities for student leadership across the school

  • celebrate and acknowledge achievements

  • shape the direction of the school

  • sustain student participation in whole school events

  • develop student well-being


School Captains

Our elected School Captains (U6) serve as beacons for the school community.  They present in assemblies, act as the face of Five Ways at events and work closely with the Headmistress. School Captains are allocated key priority areas and work with purpose to try and leave a lasting legacy.

Vice Captains

Our elected Vice School Captains (U6) serve as advocates for the student body. They lead on whole school priorities, ensuring student voice and action is at the centre of their endeavours.  Often the work of Vice Captains is linked to in school projects and beyond, each are assigned a member of the School Leadership team to fulfil the aims of their vision.

Senior Prefects

Senior Prefects are the engine of our Student Leadership Programme.  They paticpate in all aspects of school life, demonstrating leadership skills and ambassordship.  Roles vary from stewardship in school and for events, to mentoring lower school students.  The team are managed by the Director of Sixth Form and the School Captains.

House Captains

A signifcant aspect of school life is the House System.  At its core we have four Houses, named after each of the first 4 Headmasters of Five Ways School.  Captains are assigned Houses and work with the Head of House to arrange an eclectic range of events for the entire student body.  We have traditional events such as House Tug of War, Lip Sync Battle, House Dance and House Sports Day.

Leadership Opportunities across the School

Five Ways students can also develop their leadership repertoire by enrolling as Well Being Ambassadors, Social Mentors, Academic Coaches, Prefects, House Leaders, Super Curriculum Verifiers, EDI Agents for Change and many more.  This all contributes to a real sense of being heard, trusted and engaged in school life.

School Council

Student Leadership at Five Ways is a real point of difference. This is best captured through our thriving school council, who serve as an authentic student voice and have a real influence over school improvement. Each form nominates representatives, who sit on the council, make up various task forces and lead up to senior staff and lead down to their year group peers.

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