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Ofsted November 2008

The school was last inspected in November 2008 by Ofsted.
The headlines of the report are given below:-


  • Overall effectiveness of the School – Outstanding.

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the Sixth Form – Outstanding.

  • Personal Development and well-being of pupils – Outstanding.

  • Curriculum and other activities – Outstanding.

  • Leadership and management – Outstanding.

  • Humanities status – Outstanding.

  • Improvement since the last inspection – Outstanding

Our most recent Ofsted report
can be found here
Outstanding Mathematics 2012


Students join the school with well above average prior attainment. They consistently attain exceptionally high standards often above expectation and thrive during their time at school, and almost all go on to higher education.


Care, guidance and support

Parents, carers and students value the caring ethos that the school embodies and celebrate its intellectual rigour. Outstanding care, guidance and support help students to achieve extremely well and ensure they are safe.


Leadership and management

The Head and the senior team set a clear direction that focuses strongly on improvement and thorough self-evaluation. An open process of discussion at all levels across the school ensures that development planning emanates from all sections, and makes sure that all considerations are taken into account.

At every parents evening the school seeks the views of parents via a questionnaire and a parents forum. However you are also invited to express your view of the school at:

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