Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The aim of our Pastoral System is to ensure that all students are supported by staff, parents, governors, other students and all members of the school community so that they are able to achieve the best of which they are capable in all areas of school life.


The pastoral system will try to work with all involved, both within and beyond the school community, to ensure that this aim is met.


The school recognises the importance of education which is not subject specific, relating to how we should think and behave rather than to what we should know, understand and be able to do. This is value related rather than knowledge based. This personal dimension of education has always been of importance to school and staff.

Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Mr C Walker - Deputy Head 

Mr K Quinn - Assistant Head of Student Conduct and Attendance

Mr R Russell - Assistant Head: Director of Sixth Form 

Mrs L Tolley - Assistant Head of Student Welfare, Wellbeing & Safety 

Mrs S Tyrie - Associate Assistant Head of Inclusion & SENDCO


Pastoral Leaders: Year 7-11

Mrs S Guthrie - Pastoral Manager 

Mr J Camwell - Head of Year 7 & 8 

Mr M Feeney - Head of Year 9 & 10 

Mrs J Hatton - Head of Year 11 

Mr G Hawkins - Assistant Head of Year 8 

Mr J Pritchard - Assistant Head of Year 9 

Mrs L Carr - Assistant Head of Year 10 

Mrs N Coen -Assistant Head of Year 11


Pastoral Leaders: Sixth Form

Ms K Handley - Pastoral Manager 

Mr E Turner - Assistant Director of Sixth Form 

Mr R Snelson - Assistant Director of Sixth Form 

Ms C Ryan - Assistant Director of Sixth Form 

Mrs J Coley-Master - Confidential Listener 


Inclusion Team 

Mr F Adebiyi - Academic Mentor Year 10-13 

Mrs J Power - Teaching Assistant and ELSA Lead Practitioner 


Personal Development Team

Mrs V McMahon - Director of Character and Student Experiences 

Miss S Froggatt - Careers Leader 

Miss R Ward - Internationalism and Global Citizens


Medical Team

Mrs A Scott - School Nurse and Mental Health First Aider 


Medical Policy

Exclusions Policy