Values, Ethos & Pastoral Care

The Main Aim of the School:

To secure high academic achievement for young people and help them mature into confident, well-motivated individuals who can make the most of their opportunities and enrich the wider community.


In order to achieve this the school aims:

  • To create a safe and secure environment that supports learning

  • To promote equal opportunities for all

  • To recognise that all pupils are individuals

  • To provide professional support and guidance for teachers and those training to become teachers



  • Prepare pupils for national tests and public examinations

  • Ensure that the curriculum is structured so as to meet individual needs

  • Enable pupils to learn about themselves and the wider world

  • Ensure that homework is a vehicle that supports learning (HIPPO)

  • Enable pupils to develop their aesthetic, cultural, social and physical talents

  • Help pupils consider carefully key moral, religious and spiritual aspects of life

  • Help pupils become considerate, responsible citizens able to make well-informed choices

  • Ensure that all pupils achieve a very high level of literacy, numeracy and ICT capability

For Pupils, we:

  • Ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential

  • Promote pupils self-discipline and self-reliance

  • Encourage good behaviour

  • To encourage pupils to use their initiative



  • Have high expectations of individual performance and behaviour

  • Provide stimulating and challenging teaching and learning tasks and material for all pupils

  • Set targets for each department, each teaching group and individuals within groups

  • Promote equal opportunities


As a community we:

  • Encourage participation in the school community

  • Provide appropriate access for some local community activities

  • Involve parents in supporting their child’s learning and the aims of the school

  • Strengthen links with outside agencies and organisation to support learning

We endeavour to promote a holistic, caring environment forging and encouraging strong home, school and student links.

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Vision Statement

“Within a friendly, caring and stimulating community Five Ways will educate able young people from all backgrounds and prepare them for life.”

Five Ways is a school with values
founded on respect:
  • Respect for hard work and scholarship

  • Respect for diversity of achievement

  • Respect for each other and ourselves

  • Respect for community and the environment

School Development Plan


Four key areas, central to the School Development Plan are:


  • Ensure all students achieve

  • Provide quality learning 

  • Secure the wellbeing and development of students, staff and governors

  • Fulfilling the principles of our school

Pastoral Care

The aim of the Pastoral System is to ensure that all students are supported by staff, parents, governors, other students and all members of the school community so that they are able to achieve the best of which they are capable in all areas of school life.


The pastoral system will try to work with all involved, both within and beyond the school community, to ensure that this aim is met.


Director of Personal Development, Wellbeing & Safety (11-16): Mrs L Tolley – E-mail Address:


The school recognises the importance of education which is not subject specific, relating to how we should think and behave rather than to what we should know, understand and be able to do. This is value related rather than knowledge based. This personal dimension of education has always been of important to school and staff.


The pastoral system recognises and tries to support the goals of Every Child Matters.

The five central goals, are that every child will:

  • Be healthy

  • Stay safe

  • Enjoy and achieve

  • Make a positive contribution

  • Achieve economic well-being


Special Education Needs

It is the aim of the school to ensure that all pupils achieve their academic potential and that all achievements both curricular and extracurricular are valued and celebrated.


Mrs Tyrie, the school’s SEND Coordinator, works closely with the Pastoral Heads in order to identify, assess, include support and review the needs of SEND pupils and to involve parents in the process of supporting their child.



Mrs S Tyrie


For full details of the King Edward VI SEN Code of Practice Click Here