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Widening Access

Fulfilling the Vision

Our vision is that:

“Within a friendly, caring and stimulating community, Five Ways will educate able young people from all backgrounds and prepare them for life”

To this aim, both we and the King Edward Foundation have made Widening Access a real focus to increase the number of applications from disadvantaged parts of Birmingham and certain primary schools, and show parents and able pupils from such backgrounds that achieving a place at King Edward VI Five Ways is a realistic goal.

Over recent years we have:

  • Increased our pupil numbers to 180 per year, within which 25% of our pupils come from Pupil Premium backgrounds.

  • Changed our admissions policy to have a separate minimum qualifying score for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium. The first 25% of places (45) are be allocated to Pupil Premium pupils who achieve above this score.

  • Offered a course of five 11+ Familiarisation Sessions for Year 5 FSM pupils (now online), identified by their primary schools as working at a high level.

  • Invested Five Ways staff time in communicating with local primary schools and providing activities to improve their children’s learning and raise their aspirations.

  • Improved our communications to prospective pupils and their families, to help dispel myths such as pupils having to pay fees to attend Five Ways. We have given primary pupils and parents attending events at our school information and we have even 'wrapped' a Birmingham Green Bus with facts about our school.

  • Developed a huge programme of outreach work by Five Ways staff and pupils, including that done by Five Ways Community Leadership group, Escape Outdoors and school-based activities organised by Sixth Formers and by various departments. Now over 2000 Primary School pupils from over 70 schools attend sessions delivered by Five Ways staff and students.

To continue with our Widening Access work our admissions policy for September 2022 entry is: 

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