Safeguarding Pupils and Staff at King Edward VI Five Ways

The safety and wellbeing of all at King Edward VI Five Ways is paramount.


The school recognises and supports the goals of Every Child Matters, which are that every child will:


  • Be healthy

  • Stay safe

  • Enjoy and achieve

  • Make a positive contribution

  • Achieve economic well-being



The School’s Vision Statement
Within a friendly, caring and stimulating community, Five Ways will educate able young people from all backgrounds and prepare them for life.

How pupils can stay safe and enjoy wellbeing at Five Ways


Safer Travel - take care travelling to and from school. Be careful when crossing roads, especially at busy times; wear appropriate clothing in bad weather or when travelling in the dark; do not display valuables; carry a mobile phone; know what to do in an emergency.


School Rules - are there for a reason, and many relate to your safety; please follow teachers’ instructions, have regard for safety regulations in laboratories, workshops and other risk environments; be careful in crowded school corridors and queuing situations.


Critical Incidents - be aware of the arrangements for evacuating the school, and for a school lock down; take the critical incident rehearsals seriously.


Visitors to the school – all visitors are required to wear an identity badge, as are all staff and sixth form students. If you see an unidentified person in school either ask them politely who they are, or report their presence to the nearest adult.


Maintenance – if you see something in school which seems damaged or dangerous, report it to a member of staff or to Mr M Ledbrook, The Estates and Business Manager.


Illness and injury – if you become unwell during the school day, or if you are injured, you should follow the procedures, detailed in your planner.


Looking after others – if you are aware that another pupil is unhappy or distressed, or needs help and support, you may be able to provide some support, but you should also inform an appropriate and trusted adult; probably your form tutor or Head of Year, or another member of staff you feel you can speak to.


Looking after yourself – if you are unhappy or distressed, or need help with any aspect of your learning, your HIPPO, your planning and organisation; or if you need more information, or think you may have a special need, speak to an appropriate or trusted adult; your parents or family, your form tutor or Head of Year, or another member of staff you feel you can speak to.


The Five Ways Code
Governors expect the highest standards of behaviour from all pupils. Care and Concern for the individual is paramount in all matters. Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated.

Bullying – everyone has the right to live in peace and safety, to be an individual, and not to be bullied. There is an anti-bullying statement elsewhere in the calendar; make sure you have read it, and understand it.


Behaviour for Learning – everyone at Five Ways has the right to an environment in which they can learn and succeed to the best of their ability, and feel safe and happy whilst they do so. All pupils therefore have a responsibility to behave in a way which supports the efforts of others. 


Extreme behaviour – if someone has expressed a personal, religious or political points of view, or states intentions that you find worrying, frightening, threatening or potentially dangerous to you or other people, you should report it to a trusted member of staff.


Abusive behaviour – if you think that someone you know, in school or out of school, is suffering abuse, then you should report your concerns to a trusted adult. This could be verbal or physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or neglect.


PSE lessons – these lessons often involve a consideration of your safety and wellbeing. They are important. Pay careful attention to them.


Educational Visits and travel abroad – when travelling on school business, such as sports and field trips, exchange and other visits abroad, on expeditions or for any other reasons, teachers will expect you to follow instructions, rules and advice, often above and beyond basic school rules. You must always do exactly what you are told.

  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs L Tolley

  • The Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Mr Russell