Safeguarding Pupils and Staff at King Edward VI Five Ways

The safety and wellbeing of all at King Edward VI Five Ways is paramount.

The Five Ways Code
Governors expect the highest standards of behaviour from all pupils. Care and Concern for the individual is paramount in all matters. Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated.
The School’s Vision Statement
Within a friendly, caring and stimulating community, Five Ways will educate able young people from all backgrounds and prepare them for life.

The DSL Team

Mrs L Tolley - Lead DSL

Mr R Russell - Deputy Lead DSL

Sixth Form DSL

Mr E Turner

Ms K Handley

Mrs C Ryan

11 - 16 DSL

Mrs J Hatton

Mr M Feeney

Miss V McMahon

Mrs S Tyrie

Mrs S Guthrie


Building resilience of young people and the promotion of fundamental British values is at the heart of preventing radicalisation. Schools can do this by providing safe places in which children can discuss controversial issues, and be given the knowledge and confidence to challenge extremist beliefs and ideologies.

For an introduction to the Prevent duty and an explanation of how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised, HM Government has created an e-learning module following consultation with a range of individuals and organisations. The module has been created with the feedback of teachers, local authority officials, community-based groups, youth workers and many others.


Useful guides provided by 

National Online Safety


Operation Encompass

Our school works in partnership with West Midlands Police on a project by the name of Operation Encompass. This project involves the reporting to schools when a child or young person has been exposed or involved in any Domestic Violence incidents.


As you are aware, we aim to give your child the best start to education. This includes ensuring they are confident, happy individuals. We take pride in their on-going positive development. As a school we have a duty to support your child within any sensitive issues that may arise.

A named Police Officer will share information in confidence with the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead. We advocate supporting children and families at King Edward VI Five Ways School.  Our School will offer you a listening ear, support and advice as a whole family approach. This service will be treated highly confidentially.


We are keen to work in partnership with the Police and feel this will be extremely beneficial for all those involved.

Local Authority - In Birmingham if you are concerned about a child you can report your concerns to the City of Birmingham Children’s Services Multi-Agency and Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0121 675 4806.


Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people.