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The Five Ways Edwardians Association was founded in 1979 by Mr E.L Osmend on his retirement from teaching at the school for 40 years. The Association has more than 2000 members who reside in all parts of this country and various parts of the world!

The Association exists to provide “the primary means by which the school and former pupils, staff and friends maintain contact for their mutual interest and benefit and continue to contribute to their school.”.


The Association is administered by an Executive Committee of volunteers comprised of current and former pupils and staff. The current Executive Committee members are:

  • Alumni Officer: Elizabeth Fox

  • Chair: Peter Grace

  • Vice Chair : Richard Lewis

  • Treasurer - Samantha Collins

  • Sports Club Liaison: Peter Grace

  • Honorary President: Yvonne Wilkinson (Head)

  • Staff Representative : Mark Overton

The Executive Committee can be contacted on:

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Five Ways Edwardians can be found around the globe and the Five Ways Old Edwardians Association provides a focus for past students and staff as well as providing facilities for the school. Recent alumni include Kate Ashfield (actress), Keith Fielding (international sportsman), Tom Parsons, Dan Fox and Mark Aldred (Olympians), Ben McCarthy and Ben Wright (BBC Journalists), David Cannadine (Historian), Michael Checkland (ex Director General of the BBC), Tom Butler (Bishop of Southwark) and David Parsons (England Cricket Coach).


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