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Five Ways Edwardians

A Brief Background


The Association exists to provide “the primary means by which the school and former pupils, staff and friends maintain contact for their mutual interest and benefit and continue to contribute to their school.”



The school has had an Alumni organisation for a number of years, although its history is varied. It’s early history is shrouded in the mists of time but it is known that Mr Eyles reformed it back in the 1955, with long serving Chairman Peter Grace, acting as registrar whilst still a pupil! “The Five Ways Old Edwardians Association” (as it is now called) was founded in 1979 by Mr E.L Osmend on his retirement from teaching at the school for 40 years. It developed enormously under his stewardship and that of his successor Colin Spencer. After a brief lull, it was then reinvigorated by a school appointed external Alumni Officer, LIz Fox, whose modern approach improved networking and careers integration.


The Present

Long serving KEFW teacher, Stuart Shephard, has now been appointed to pick up the baton and take the Association forward. Presently the Association has more than 2000 members who reside in all regions of this country and various parts of the world!

Recent alumni include Kate Ashfield (actress), Keith Fielding (international sportsman), Tom Parsons, Dan Fox and Mark Aldred (Olympians), Ben McCarthy and Ben Wright (BBC Journalists), David Cannadine (Historian), Michael Checkland (ex Director General of the BBC), Tom Butler (Bishop of Southwark) and David Parsons (England Cricket Coach). Oscar Deutsch (founder of Odeon Cinemas), John Kenneally V.C. (born Leslie Robinson), Joe Lycett (comedian), Paul Ready (actor)

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KEFW Alumni Officer

Mr Stuart. F. Shephard (SFS)


A teacher at Five Ways for 30 years and counting, Stuart is the school appointed representative, and leads on all Alumni based initiatives. Find out a little more about him. 

KEFW Foundation Archives

The King Edward VI Foundation Archive, has an area specific to K.E.Five Ways, where you can access a huge range of photos, magazines etc. This includes most school publications and many of Colin Spencer's Old Edwardians newsletters, should you wish to re-visit your time at school.

The Foundation has now opened a Twitter/X account:@KEVIBhamArchive, regularly publishing items of interest about all of the Foundation schools. If you have school artefacts in your possession and think they might interest the archivist, please contact Charlotte Gallant and Rachel Brown (email:

What we do - How to get involved?


  • Join our mailing list for the monthly FWOE Newsletter (please email us)

  • Endeavour to support periodic events (e.g. golf day and monthly lunches at Harborne Golf Club)

  • Attend reunions to reconnect with old friends and make new ones

  • Consider supporting our careers programme at the school (e.g. attending Careers Fayre, delivering talks, providing work experience opportunities)

  • Contact us with material/news for use in our monthly newsletters

  • Put forward any suggestions for new Alumni initiatives

  • Financially support us, through supporting periodic projects or by setting up a monthly Direct Debit

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Five Ways Edwardians Newsletters
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