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Curriculum Intent and Rationale

The purpose of the law curriculum is to equip all students with the ability to appreciate the legal framework that governs both individuals and society, and to develop an interest in and enthusiasm for the subject. Students will use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of law and develop an ability to think as a lawyer, applying key concepts in a range of different contexts and studying from different perspectives.


By encouraging an active approach to law and using a wide range of case studies and real-world examples, we aim to enable students to question society and the world around them, and to relate to key events within the legal sphere and the world around them in a meaningful way. Students will be able to apply key themes and ideas to make links between different subjects. In addition, through the law curriculum, students will develop analytical and evaluative skills, useful across their A level studies, together with qualities and attitudes which will equip them for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life.

The ability to write in response to scenarios, as well as evaluating the current legal landscape, are key focuses in A Level Law and reinforce skills across other subjects. Students learn to develop an understanding of legal method and the reasoning used by lawyers and the judiciary, subsequently applying those techniques themselves to analyse problems and reach conclusions supported by reference to legal authority.   Law is a qualification which is well regarded by universities on the basis of the academic challenge it poses and the skills it develops.  Those skills will equip students for the rigours of undergraduate study in any subject, and for a range of careers in such diverse fields as law, journalism, the civil service and business.   

Implementing our curriculum

Key Stage 5

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