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King Edward VI Five Ways
International Programme

Over the last ten years the School has developed an impressive and wide-ranging international programme involving staff and students in a variety of activities, quite literally now on “Five Continents”.


There is no doubt that one of the key influences has been the genuine enthusiasm of staff, pupils and Governors who have made these ideas and ambitions happen. We have been very keen that our “21st Century citizens” should be global citizens and we all recognize that a twenty first century education should include and understanding and appreciation of global issues. In recognition of this, the school has just been re-accredited, by The British Council, with the “International School Award” – a quality mark the we have held since 2006.


In today’s world, access to international media including the internet, foreign travel, meeting people from other cultures and countries and the global market, is an everyday matter. In response the school has developed its international dimension through the development of an appropriate curriculum, where every subject has a global dimension and where extracurricular and enrichment activities provide additional opportunities to develop the skills, attitudes and ethics that will ensure a successful adulthood in our multicultural, global society.


All of our links and activities are designed to complement each other, all are slightly different, all provide valuable and various experiences for staff and pupils and all are designed to offer best value with the possibility of financial subsidy where necessary for staff and pupils.

Wide-ranging International programme involving staff and students in a variety of activities, quite literally now on “Five Continents”

Africa, South Africa – Cape Town. We are involved with two schools in Cape Town, Wynberg High School (a township school) and Wynberg Boys School (a developed school). We work through an organization called “Afritwin” which co-ordinates pupils and staff and curricular development. There have been staff and pupil exchanges. In 2012 a rugby scholarship was established where boys from Wynberg and from Five Ways spend a month in each others’ school. Through this link we have recently built a connection with a school in Zimbabwe.


Every year there are expeditions to many far-flung countries – these have included Malaysia, Borneo, Kenya, Namibia, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar.

Europe. We have regular visits, MFL exchanges and cultural, educational and sporting expeditions to France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain, Israel and Iceland, involving both staff and students.

Africa, Tanzania (Bagara High School, Babati) – This link has developed over the last nine years and we have regular visits of staff and student parties who teach, install equipment and renovate buildings as well as have some R&R. This link usually works on a two year pattern (most recently 2014) and the whole school in often involved in fund raising for projects. A group will visit Babati in 2016, and a number of ex-pupils are, or have been, involved in projects there.

Japan. In recent years we have established links with schools in Japan, with the first exchange now underway, and each year we also host a visit from senior teachers and educationalists from this country.

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