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Design and Fashion


What are the most important design, architectural or fashion trends over the last 70 years?

Recreate the architectural or product design, or fashion look from the last 70 years that you think most inspired society. You could use material, a software product or illustration to bring the design back to life.



Book - Robots: What Everyone Needs to Know  

Activity - Produce a poster that demonstrates how robots and automation have changed through time.


Book - A Century of Design: Design Pioneers of the 20th Century 

Activity -  Discover and learn about a designer you find interesting. Design and manufacture (If possible) a new product in the style of this person or organisation.


Resource - Design Movements Timeline

Activity - Select and research your favourite design movement between 1950 - Present day. Simulate, CAD model or make a product in the style of your chosen designer.



Book - 1000 Chairs. Revised and updated edition

Activity - Choose your favourite design. Manufacture a scale model of your chosen chair and produce a display that explains its original design and history.


Book - Logo Design. Global Brands

Activity - Investigate how and why brands have changed their logos over time. Develop a new modern iteration of an existing logo for today's society.


Book - Architecture in the 20th Century 

Activity - Discover your favourite architect or piece of architecture that you enjoy. Manufacture a card model of your favourite piece and include a short description of the architect, time period and information about the structure.

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