Summer 2021
Appeals Process

The Appeals Process


If you would like to appeal your Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) please start by carefully reading the letter to the right that was sent out by the Head at the end of last term which explains the Appeals process.


Although all appeals will be considered in time, initially we will focus on ‘Priority Appeals’.  Priority Appeals are only open to A-level students starting university this autumn 2021, who have missed out on the grades of their firm conditional offer.


If you have not been successful in achieving your firm conditional offer you may appeal the awarded grade by completing part 1 of the form hyperlinked from the letter and also available to the right (Two Part Appeal Form) and emailing it to  The deadline for this appeal is by the end of the day, Monday 16th August.


We will respond to all Priority Appeals within 1-2 working days.


If your appeal is not a Priority Appeal, according to the criteria outlined above, you may still appeal your grade using the same form but please note that these will not be processed until the start of next term (1st September) with a final deadline for appeal of 3rd September