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Five Ways presents
70 Years of Cultural Jubilation


With the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in early June, it is with great pleasure we present a Supercurriculum (CUB and ARETÉ) and Reading project for families to engage with. Entitled '70 Years of Jubilation', there is scope for a range of cultural activities to engage with to reflect our cultural heritage in a range of subjects from Art and Music to Design and Science. 


Just click on the tabs in this website to find ideas and activities that can go toward the Supercurriculum virtues here at Five Ways. You can see which virtues you could aim for beside each task. 


There is also the potential for some wider reading and engagement with a range of texts from the last 70 years, so you can pick up your Panda or Read virtue, too!


Do you agree with the list of recommendations? Let us know!


All responses should be emailed to for the opportunity to gain a Supercurriculum virtue AND win a prize. 


We can’t wait to see how you find jubilation in the culture of the last seventy years! 


Ms Savage (Director of Reading) and Mrs McDermott (Director of Scholarship)

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